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Having a broken old car sitting in your garage and taking up all the space can be a real eyesore. Also, having a rusty old truck that looks awful. Sell junk cars to us for cash – we buy all kinds of trucks and vehicles that are damaged beyond repair. Our clients are our biggest advertisers because we never get an unhappy client.
In reality, it can be incredibly hard to sell a used car in Tampa, FL. Most buyers are in the market for new makes and models anyway. People looking for used cars in Tampa are usually students who are in between jobs. Even so, you rarely get the price that you are looking for.
If you want to sell your old car for scrap, that is even harder. Taking a wrecked vehicle to any junkyard is going to cost you a lot. There are towing charges and then scrapping the car for metal is an extra. So, far from making money from selling old cars for scrap, you end up losing quite a lot of money.

Now, consider our straightforward process at SellMyHoopty where you can sell junk cars for cash today:

  • STEP 1: Call us at (813) 699-2278 or submit details about your vehicle online to sell a used car for cash and get a callback from our car damage assessment experts in Tampa, FL.
  • STEP 2: Get a detailed quote from us once we go through the details of the extent of your car’s damage. The process takes a couple of minutes. Sell old car for scrap at the best prices in Tampa, FL.
  • STEP 4: Schedule an appointment for us to pick up your junk car. If you want to drive it up to our office in Tampa, FL, that is fine too. We are located at 1709 E Yukon Street, Tampa, Florida 33604, just off the intersection of N 18th Street and E Yukon Street.
  • Step 5: Get paid in cash at the hand-off and walk away from your wreck of a car. Sell your damaged car to us, and we will take care of everything from scrapping to recycling.
  • Step 6: There is no step 6! That is all there is to our process.

Enjoy your wad of cash, buy a new car, and take it out for a spin on the streets of Tampa! Unlike other junk dealers in Florida, we will pay you a premium value for your junk car.

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Call us at (813) 699-2278 to get cash for your car. We buy junk cars in Tampa and pay you good money for damaged, salvaged, and broken old vehicles. We will scrap and recycle your trucks and cars so that you can go ahead and invest in a new car.

Here are some of the cash for car services that we provide in Tampa, FL:
We Buy Junk Trucks in Tampa, FL
We Buy Junk Trucks in Tampa, FL
We buy more than just junk cars – we take in old, beaten down trucks as well. Get the best value at SellMyHoopty.
We Take Junk Vehicles Away
We Take Junk Vehicles Away
We buy used, scrap, or wrecked cars in Tampa, FL and take them away from the doorstep. You never have to see it again.
We Offer Junk Vehicle Pickup
We Offer Junk Vehicle Pickup
Get a pickup scheduled for your junk vehicle from home. We do not care even if your car is badly rusted or has a damaged electrical system.
We Buy Old Cars with Flood Damage
We Buy Old Cars with Flood Damage
Even with severe flood damage, some parts can always be salvaged from your car. Your interiors and exteriors may be damaged, but mechanical parts often survive.
Get Rid of Junk Cars with Accidental Damage
Get Rid of Junk Cars with Accidental Damage
Even if your car has been totaled, we can salvage at least the transmissions and alternators. We will pay you for the car in cash and on the spot.
Best Junk Car Buyers in Tampa, FL
Best Junk Car Buyers in Tampa, FL
We can get your vehicle started long enough to get it into our offices. Make a profit out of a pile of junk that just takes up space.

Sell Tampa Junk Cars to Recycle Your Junk and Get Paid for it!

Everyone likes to go green, but honestly, who has the time! Your junk car has been sitting in your garage, collecting dust and rust for ages. Every time you take it out for a spin, the pollution levels are off the chart. You would like to shift to eco-friendly technology, but who has the money!

We have the perfect answer to all your questions. At SellMyHoopty, we encourage you to go green and pay you for it! You will never get a better deal than this for your junk car.Sell Tampa junk cars to SellMyHoopty – we will take the whining old truck and recycle all its parts. Sometimes, we get to reuse some parts as well!

The best part is that you have to do nothing at all from your end of the bargain.Just let us take the junk away from your house and get paid for it. We will take care of most of the hard work for you. We scrap the car, recycle and reuse old parts, and handle all the hassle. As our clients, you still get to be part of something bigger –you get to make the world a greener place.

Get the highest price for junk cars in Tampa, FL from our company. At SellMyHoopty, we guarantee the best price and the smoothest service you will find from any cash for cars deal in Tampa.

Here are some of the primary reasons why our customers trust us so much:

  • People have little expectations when they want to sell broken cars for cash.At SellMyHoopty, we give our clients proper value for their junk cars. Our process for recycling the vehicles provides us with enough money to make a small profit still.
  • We save a lot of time by picking up the car from your doorstep. You can schedule a pickup with us beforehand as per your convenience. At SellMyHoopty, we speed up the transaction by a lot, and our customers love us because we are so quick and reliable.
  • We have a lot of practical experience in the ‘cash for junk car’ business, and we get the best value out of the junk car that car dealers in Tampa, FL will never give you. Since we have such a lot of experience in this field, our clients trust our brand implicitly.

Sell Tampa Junk Cars to the Best Cash for Junk Car Dealer in Tampa, FL

SellMyHoopty is a locally owned business in Tampa, FL. Being locally owned and managed, we have our advantages as well. For one thing, we get lots of clients very quickly because there are lots of people who need the cash for junk car services in Tampa Bay, Florida. One happy client brings in several referrals who need the same cash for junk car services.

Also, we provide cash for cars services that cover the entire Tampa Bay area! Where we have complete control over the proceedings. We can coordinate quickly with our clients as well as recyclers and the companies that buy recycled car parts from us. Sell Tour vehicle to Tampa Junk Cars today to finally get rid of that noisy ride and get your dream car.

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